June 02, 2020
Member Expense and Time Loss Reimbursement Policy

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  1. Union Representatives and Bargaining Committees will strive to bargain for full employee time to be paid by the employer during regular employee shifts or at least for the employer to share the cost.
  2. If the Union Representative and Bargaining Committee cannot negotiate for the employer to pay regular wages during bargaining, Local 8 will reimburse Local 8 Bargaining Committee Members for actual wages lost due to activity of the Bargaining Committee.  The Union does not pay Committee Members for their non-work hours spent on bargaining activities.  Members are urged to minimize work hours lost whenever possible.
  3. To the extent possible, Union Representatives will have the employer bill OPEIU Local 8 for time loss rather than pay the employee directly.  OPEIU Local 8 will pay only straight wage loss (not benefits, overtime etc.).  When the employer won't bill Local 8, Committee Members must submit the Local 8 Expense Reimbursement Form to the Union Representative for authorization as soon as possible after the bargaining session or other union activity described in number four (4) below.  Checks are written on the second and fourth Wednesday of each month and are mailed the next day.
  4. Time loss may also be paid on an exceptional basis for grievance meetings, NLRB/PERC hearings, arbitration preparation or other meetings of a critical nature which must be conducted during working hours. Time loss may be used to allow members to assist on organizing campaigns (see also Project Organizer policy) and for certain critical advocacy activities.
  5. Gas will not be paid, except under certain circumstances such as when a member must travel fifty (50) miles or more one way from home or place of work to one of the union activities described above or to a Local 8 sponsored Regional Meeting, Assembly or Leadership Training. In this case, if requested, mileage will be reimbursed at 40% of the IRS standard mileage rate. The request must be accompanied by the Expense Reimbursement Form which documents the actual miles traveled. The Union reserves the right to use Mapquest (or similar program) as a guide for any questionable mileage reporting.
  6. Parking may be paid on an exceptional basis.
  7. Members attending conferences, trainings, workshops or other union activities not addressed in this policy shall not be reimbursed for time loss or for gas.
  8. Members who have been elected as official delegates or alternates to a union convention or who have been selected to attend an OPEIU Education Conference or the Washington State Labor Council Legislative Conference shall not receive any time loss reimbursement but where applicable, shall receive per diem in accordance with Local 8’s Policy on Per Diem and gas reimbursement per section five (5) above.  
  9. If a member’s union activity, other than that described in section eight (8) above, requires an overnight stay (using the WSDOT “fifty mile rule” described in Chapter 10 of the WSDOT Travel Rules and Procedures) the member may receive reimbursement for lodging and per diem at the discretion of the Business Manager or Organizing Director (for organizing related activities).
  10. Membership Assemblies:

Members will be reimbursed for gas per section (5) above to attend a Membership Assembly.

Members will be provided with a morning snack, a lunch and light refreshments at a social event in the early evening at each Assembly.

Executive Board Members, Trustees and Chapter Chairs (or Chapter Chair-elect if filling in for a Chair) will be reimbursed for one night of lodging if the WSDOT “fifty mile rule” is met. Local 8 will provide reimbursement for forty-seven (47) rooms at each Assembly. This number may fluctuate depending on the number of Officers, Staff and Chapter Chairs.

Reimbursed room “slots” not used by Officers, Staff and Chapter Chairs will be available to Shop Stewards on a first come, first served basis. If there are reimbursed room “slots” still available after Shop Stewards choose, the rooms will be open to any member in good standing. In most situations, rooms will be required to be paid for by the member with reimbursement from Local 8 upon completion of the Expense Reimbursement Form at the established discounted rate.

If requested, per diem expenses will be paid to Executive Board Members and Trustees in accordance with the Executive Board Reimbursement Policy.

Exceptions to this policy may be made by a vote of the Executive Board. The Executive Board will decide on a case by case basis prior to any exceptions being paid to the participant.

September 4, 2001

Revised M/S/C by Executive Board on February 8, 2006.
Revised M/S/C General Membership on February 22, 2006.
Revised M/S/C by Executive Board on April 14, 2010.
M/S/C General Membership on September 25, 2010.
Revised M/S/C by Executive Board on December 8, 2010.
M/S/C Membership Assembly on January 22, 2011
M/S/C Executive Board on November 9, 2011
M/S/C Membership Assembly on January 28, 2012