June 02, 2020
PAC Policies and Procedures

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Committee Meetings:

Regular meetings of the Political Action Committee shall be held on an ad hoc basis but not less than quarterly. All identified members of the PAC shall receive notice of the meetings from the PAC Chair or his/her designee, and a call-in option shall be made available for PAC members who are unable to attend in-person. The Executive Board shall be notified of any requested official actions to be taken. Minutes shall be e-mailed to the PAC membership. When business needs to be considered by the PAC before the next scheduled meeting, action may also be discussed and decided by e-mail. The majority of responses will determine the recommendation to the Executive Board. 

PAC Members:

Any member in good standing may participate in the PAC. Committee members must make a minimum contribution of $60 per year or $5 per month to the PAC and are encouraged to donate at least $8 per month and are encouraged to donate to OPEIU International political funds. Such contributions shall include automatic payroll deductions and direct contribution. 

The PAC will give the greater of 30% of its monthly contributions to the PAC fund or $3,000 per year to VOTE (Voice of the Electorate – OPEIU International’s political fund).  In addition, it will also give 50% of the proceeds from the PAC auctions.  The money will be sent in February and October of each year.

PAC members may volunteer and/or be designated by the Executive Board to attend COPE interviews of candidates or issue campaigns held by Central Labor Councils that Local 8 is affiliated with.  A PAC member designated to attend such interviews shall generate a report to the PAC and the Executive Board if requested.  

PAC members shall be responsible for organizing all political fund raising activities for Local 8. At least one fund raising activity will be scheduled annually.  

PAC Committee Chair:

The PAC will elect a chair (or co-chairs) each year at the January Membership Assembly.  The chair (or co-chairs) will serve a term of one year, and may be elected to multiple terms.

PAC Recommendations of Candidates and Issue Campaigns:

PAC members shall educate themselves on the campaigns and issues that enhance our representation of members’ interests and the furthering of Local 8’s goals for political, economic and workplace justice. The following factors should be considered in any case where Local 8 makes a recommendation to support,* endorsement, and/or money is donated:

  1. Labor movement endorsement (WSLC COPE, CLCs COPE, AFL-CIO).
  2. Issue is related to labor unions, the labor movement, labor education, labor economic issues, specific other labor issues of concern to Local 8 such as: pay equity, worker safety, ergonomics, the working poor, minimum wage protection, homecare, funding for community health clinics.
  3. Provides publicity, public relations or a presence to Local 8 in those sectors that will promote organizing efforts, internally or externally.
  4. For Political Campaigns specifically:
    1. The candidate or issue campaign has direct relevance to our members' well-being.
    2. The candidate has in the past supported our issues or clearly has committed to support of our issues in the future.
    3. Local 8 has a significant number of members in the candidate's district.
    4. The Labor Council(s) have requested support because the outcome will affect the pro-labor majority in a local or state legislative body.


The PAC will be required to use the specific criteria outlined above when considering a recommendation for endorsement.  The PAC members in attendance at any regular meeting of the PAC can vote by simple majority to recommend to support candidates running for public office and/or issue campaigns. All passed endorsements will be brought to the next Executive Board meeting for approval or to the members at the next regular Membership Assembly, whichever occurs first.

COPE endorsements put forward by Central Labor Councils (CLCs) and the Washington State Labor Council (WSLC) shall be the ultimate endorsement of OPEIU Local 8 and shall be actively supported by the organization. In cases where an OPEIU Local 8 Member in-good-standing is running, PAC reserves the right to endorse, support and/or donate to candidates (a) prior to the conclusion of COPE or (b) who were not endorsed by COPE.

Local 8 delegates attending a CLC COPE or WSLC COPE meeting shall vote as necessary to promote the will of the OPEIU general membership. If Local 8 has not yet taken a position on a particular electoral issue or candidate under consideration, delegates shall caucus prior to the CLC or WSLC COPE vote and the simple majority of those present will decide the appropriate action for the entire delegation.

If no endorsement is made by a CLC or the WSLC, the PAC may make its own endorsement using its standard endorsement procedure. Dual endorsements should be avoided if possible. If a dual endorsement is made, consideration should be given for similar financial contributions.

Donations for endorsed candidates and issue campaigns:

Only monies specifically donated to the Local 8 PAC fund or generated from a PAC sponsored fundraising activity shall be used for any political contribution to a candidate or issue campaign. No dues or fees collected as a result of one’s OPEIU Local 8 membership shall be spent on political contributions. 

Donation recommendations will be decided by simple majority vote at a regular PAC meeting or Membership Assembly PAC meeting. Any donation recommendations are subject to Executive Board or General Assembly approval. In instances where a proposed donation must be voted on before the next PAC meeting, the membership of the PAC will be polled electronically via e-mail. Such a vote will be decided by a simple majority of all respondents.

Electoral Candidates Addressing the Membership:

All requests by candidates or representatives from issue campaigns to address the Membership Assembly or the Regional  meeting shall first be considered by the PAC. Members of the PAC will decide by simple majority, whenever necessary, if a candidate should come before the Membership Assembly or the Regional meeting. The PAC recommendation shall then be considered and acted upon by the Executive Board.

At no time is a member in good standing prevented from requesting that a candidate or representative of an issue campaign speak before members at a General Assembly or Regional Meeting.  Such a request must be presented in writing to the Local 8 President or Regional Chair prior to the next month’s scheduled Executive Board meeting for consideration and action.


Invited candidates and/or campaign representatives shall be provided five (5) minutes to speak.  


Operations Expenses:


The PAC will allot funds of up to $100 per issue for printing, postage and labor reimbursement costs for its bi-monthly newsletter. Other PAC operations expenses totaling up to $100 may be approved by a simple majority vote of PAC members in attendance at a monthly meeting. These expenses may be for mailing/printing costs, contest/drawing prizes, member incentives (pins/small branded flare), phone bank refreshments, or other costs necessary to executing the work of the PAC.

*Support is defined as instructing the delegates to actively seek approval for endorsement at the Central Labor Council or Washington State Labor Council COPE meetings.


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