February 27, 2020
Shop Steward Recognition Program

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This policy seeks to recognize the service and support provided by Local 8 Shop Stewards. The policy also seeks to encourage participation, skill building and experience to best serve Local 8 members. See other side to find out how you can donate your reimbursement to the Local 8 Hardship Fund or to the Local 8 Political Action Committee Fund!


  1. Stewards must sign in on the Union sign-in sheet at each of the required meetings or training segments attended in order to receive reimbursement.  Failure to sign in will result in that particular qualifying event not being counted towards the total.
  1. Stewards must request their equivalent dues reimbursement in writing between December 1 and January 31 of each year for the preceding year.* There are no exceptions to this time frame. The Steward must be a member in  good standing at the time the qualifying event occurs.
  1. Stewards will receive the equivalent of their average monthly dues using the previous 12 (twelve) months received by Local 8 using the following formula for qualifying events:

Qualifying Events

Equivalent Months in Dues

Attend a Regional Meeting**(see below)

2 months

Attend an Assembly

3 months

Attend a Local 8 Sponsored Committee Meeting
(i.e. Steward Committee, Election Committee, PAC)

1 month

Attend a Local 8 or Approved Labor Sponsored Training

2 months

  1. The maximum number of equivalent dues reimbursed shall be 8 (eight) months per Steward, per calendar year. This amount shall not exceed the amount of dues paid.
  1. All Stewards are expected to attend a minimum of 1 (one) qualifying event.
  1. For Committee Meetings where phone conferencing is available, calling in shall be allowed in lieu of in person attendance.
  1. Questions arising from whether a Committee Meeting or Labor Sponsored Training is approved as a Qualifying Event shall be determined by the Local 8 Executive Board.
  1. Qualifying events can be combined in any manner from 1 (one) month to 8 (eight) months. For example, a Steward could attend 1 (one) Assembly, **2 (two) Regional  Meetings and 1 (one) Committee Meeting for a total of 8 (eight) months equivalent dues reimbursed. Or, a Steward could attend 2 (two) Regional meetings for 4 (four) months equivalent dues reimbursed or a Steward could attend 1 (one) Training and get 2 (two) months equivalent dues.  

    **Only Regional Meetings as approved by Members at the January Assembly, not those added later in the year.

*In accordance with IRS rules, the money paid to Shop Stewards for completing qualifying events must be considered taxable income. If the amount of all taxable income, including but not limited to, time loss for negotiations, is $600.00 or more, Local 8 will issue you a 1099 form.


OPEIU Local 8
Shop Steward Recognition Program
How to Make a Donation

At the September 24, 2011 Membership Assembly, members voted to encourage Shop Stewards to donate all or a portion of the Incentive Reimbursement to either the Local 8 Hardship Fund or to the Local 8 Political Action Committee Fund.

To make a donation send your check to the address below:

OPEIU Local 8
2800 First Avenue #304
Seattle, WA 98121

Be sure to indicate either Hardship Fund or Political Action Fund in the note section of your check.

The Hardship Fund provides assistance for Local 8 Members who are experiencing an immediate, severe and temporary financial situation due to an emergency.

The Political Action Committee Fund goes towards electing public officials who will support legislation that protects working people and their families. No dues money goes towards the Local 8 PAC.

Recommended by the Shop Steward/Education Committee November 4, 2009
M/S/C Local 8 Executive Board   November 11, 2009
M/S/C Local 8 Membership Assembly   January 23, 2010
M/S/C Local 8 Membership Assembly September 24, 2011
M/S/C Local 8 Executive Board on December 14, 2011
M/S/C Local 8 Membership Assembly January 28, 2012 (to leave same as 9/24/11)
M/S/C Local 8 Membership Assembly September 27, 2014