February 27, 2020
Steward Election/Notification Policy

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Shop Steward Election/Notification Policy

  1. Volunteers, with approval of the Union Representative(s) for that bargaining unit, may fill Shop Steward positions. If there are more volunteers for a position, or if requested by a member, an election shall be held for newly vacated Steward positions or positions open in newly created bargaining units.
  2. The election process for Shop Steward vacant positions shall vary from bargaining unit to bargaining unit. The Union Representative(s) for the bargaining unit in which the election is to take place shall determine how and when an election is to take place. This should be done in consultation with any existing Stewards. 
  3. The Union Representative(s) in consultation with any existing Shop Stewards shall decide on the number of Stewards for each bargaining unit. As a guide, the ratio of one Steward for every 50 members should be used to determine the number of Shop Stewards for a particular worksite and/or bargaining unit. 
  4. A Shop Steward shall remain in his/her position unless he/she leaves the bargaining unit, is removed for cause (as described in #5), voluntarily resigns as a Steward is no longer able to fulfill the duties of a Steward, or where co-workers have requested in writing to have a new Steward election. 
  5. The Executive Board on the recommendation of the Business Manager may remove a Shop Steward for cause. The Steward shall have the right to request a hearing on the matter. The request shall be made within fourteen (14) days of the receipt of written notification of removal. A committee of Executive Board members appointed by the President shall conduct the hearing and the Steward will be allowed to address all points that have been raised in support of removal. The committee shall make a recom­mendation to the full Executive Board, which will have the final decision on the matter. 
  6. A Chief Shop Steward position may be created in those bargaining units of 75 members or more. Bargaining units with 500 or more members may have an additional Chief Steward, otherwise there shall be no more than one Chief Steward in any bargaining unit. 
  7. Elections shall be held for the position of Chief Shop Steward. Elections shall be held at least every two years for this position. The Election Process shall vary in each bargaining unit, and shall be decided by the Union Representative for that unit in consultation with current Shop Stewards.

     8.  Notification. The Union Representative shall notify in writing the new Shop   
          Steward, the Employer and the OPEIU Local 8 office of the official date the
          member assumed the position of Shop Steward. The written notification shall
          be submitted as close to the time the Steward assumes the position as
          possible. The written notification shall be used by the OPEIU Local 8 office
          staff to determine the date the Steward is eligible for any Steward Recognition
          Program qualifying events.

M/S/C by Executive Board  March 8, 2006
M/S/C by General Membership  April 26, 2006
M/S/C by Executive Board  July 11, 2007
M/S/C by General Membership  September 26, 2007
M/S/C by Executive Board  January 12, 2011
M/S/C by Membership Assembly  January 22, 2011