March 01, 2021
Local 8 Committees
Committee List with Contact Info
Committees are open to all members except Grievance Review Committee whose members must be experienced Shop Stewards appointed by the President of Local 8.

Committee List

Political Action Committee (PAC)

Race, Equity and Social Justice Committee
(previously called Diversity Committee)
Mission Statement: OPEIU LOCAL 8 strives to actively embrace and promote diversity.  We appreciate the richness of difference that exists in our union brothers and sisters and we are committed to fighting for equality.  Together in solidarity we can dismantle discrimination.  An injury to one is an injury to all.
Meets via conference call on the second and fourth Thursdays of each month at 6 pm.  Contact Valarie Peaphon

RESJ Committee Accomplishments   12/14/2020

Statement on the Murder of George Floyd and Nationwide Protests    6/02/2020

    Bread and Roses poster

Gender Pronouns Guide   12/13/2019

Solidarity Resolution     9/28/2019

Sanctuary Union Resolution    9/23/2017

Race to Labor: Can Organized Labor Be an Agent of Social & Economic Justice?  by Bill Fletcher, Jr.