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OPEIU Local 8 is a progressive, democratically run union working for social and economic justice since 1945. Local 8 represents more than 9,000 members all over Washington state working in many settings including offices, health and home care, housing, social services, the insurance industry, legal services and the public sector.

Our Union

Our Union is a group of workers who join together so we have the power to make our workplaces they best they can be for employees and the communities we serve. We are the Union! Together we can do what we can’t do alone.

Reasons to Become a Member

We are strongest as a union when we stand together for our rights at work. That unity is where we get the power to win good contracts and fights back employer takeaways. If you haven’t already joined your union, now is the time.

The more members our union has in our workplace, the more we will be able to do to improve wages, working conditions and benefits in our next round of contract negotiations.

Union members and their families are eligible for a variety of benefits provided directly by the Union including: OPEIU Scholarships, OPEIU Student Debt Reduction Program, OPEIU Life and AD&D Insurance, Identity Protection, OPEIU Towing/Service calls benefit, and discounts through the Union Plus program.

Local 8’s Hardship fund provides assistance for members who are experiencing an immediate, severe and temporary financial situation due to an emergency. Our fellow union members raise money for this fund to help our members in their time of need.

By becoming a member of your union, you will be able to vote on future contracts, vote for union officers and vote for or even become a steward or bargaining team member.

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We work every day to better our workplaces and our communities. We care for our families and build our union. We are OPEIU Local 8.

OPEIU Local 8

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